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Three short stories, introducing Tar Reztap, his shipmate Gorth, and their action-packed universe.


A Little Misunderstanding: Tar and Gorth are roped into another mission by Renni, Tar's half-brother. This time, they're supposed to make a simple delivery to stop intergalactic war--it doesn't go quite as planned. On top of restarting the centuries-old war between the Claches and the Progorians, they put their longest serving navigator in a life and death struggle to not get eaten.


Digging Reztap: The seminal story of how Tar and Gorth first met on a rescue mission in a mining colony at the tender age of nine. A girl, two mining carts and a high speed chase that ends with a shocker.


Armed But Not Ready: The latest in a string of mishaps that find Tar and Gorth losing yet another navigator to a tragic circumstance. At an expensive space resort, the duo bail out their latest navigator candidate only to have him fall prey to a girl and her cat. It's like these navigators are wearing red shirts!

Mishaps and Mayhem (The Chronicles of Reztap Book 0)

  • Publisher : Blue Forge Press (October 27, 2018)

    Publication Date : October 27, 2018

    Print Length : 104 pages

    Language: : English

    ISBN-10 : 1729320538

    ISBN-13 : 978-1729320532

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