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As they acclimate to the newly revised ship and crew, Tar and Gorth try to retrieve the scarf lost in the battle with The Insane Moth. Against his mother's demands, Tar drags everyone to the remote and extremely hostile planet of Rimtiki Lumdung. Things seem to be going well as they infiltrate the populace until their plans are thwarted by an old flame of Gorth's—the beautiful and extremely deadly Zeestra.


To escape with their lives, the crew must fight against an ever shortening time line to remove an ancient curse that has plagued the planet for centuries. Will Tar and Gorth live through the ordeal while fighting zombies dead, alive and otherwise? Or will Zeestra's treachery seal their fate and end their adventures forever?

The Quest for the Insane Moth (The Chronicles of Reztap Book 2)

  • Publisher : Blue Forge Press (October 29, 2018)

    Publication Date : October 29, 2018

    Print Length : 228 pages

    Language: : English

    ISBN-10 : 1729388892

    ISBN-13 : 978-1729388891

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