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Short story anthology


Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences, these stories are purposefully meant to unsettle the reader. Some stories may include attempted sexual assault, cannibalism, fanaticism, gore, violence or other dark themes. If one month's story is too much, skip that month. While the editor and Blue Forge Press have selected and edited each of these stories, ultimately you are responsible for curating what you read.Explore one unnerving story for every month of the year written by both established and emerging authors. Plus a bonus thirteenth story to keep you up at night. Join Blue Forge Press for the first volume of a new annual series, Unnerving, with stories by Maxwell Kier DiMarco, Timber Philips, J.W. Capek, Marshall Miller, Brianne DiMarco, Jennifer DiMarco, Carrie Avery Moriarty, Eliza Leob, Hiromi Coto, Kristie Gronberg, Angela Faro, Lauren Patzer, and David Mecklenburg.


SKU: Unnerving1
  • Publisher : Blue Forge Press (October 30, 2019)

    Publication Date : October 30, 2019

    Print Length : 280 pages

    Language: : English

    ISBN-10 : 1700985698

    ISBN-13 : 978-1700985699

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